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Your script is great, it just saved me a lot of time. We are going to use it take IPN's for subscriptions.
- J.E. Gullett

  Your ipn worked like magic!
- Ivan, MA

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Implement IPN on your website the easier and smarter way thru Ecommercemax PAYPAL IPN.

More about IPN concepts here..

.NET Implementation details:

1. Your settings are conveniently placed in your web.config file.

2. Your main IPN PROCESSOR page contains blocks of code queues that tell you specifically how and what each code block does. It also tells you which where to place your other custom codes like inserting to your master and items order table.

3. Your main IPN PROCESSOR page already contains the code to send automatic order email notification.

Files included - all .NET files have their corresponding .CS code behind:
  1. ipn_processor.aspx --> The main IPN processor file with built-in audit trail.
  2. ipn_logchecker.aspx --> Log checker and IPN debugger.
  3. Example_PaymentPage.aspx --> A sample page for simulating a shopping cart summary page to Paypal.
  3. Paypal-IPN-NET-CSHARP.pdf --> Users guide that describes step by step configuration of your IPN Processor.

Purchasing info:
Our order processor program will send your order to you instantly via email right after your payment is processed. We use the exact PAYPAL Instant Payment Notification (IPN) tool describe to process your order! This means that you will have immediate access to the product you purchased as soon as you click the final pay button on paypal site.

Cost: Only $29.95 - hurry, price for this module is subject to go up without prior notice

Technical Requirements:
WINDOWS hosting with support for .NET scripting. You do not need your own server, 3rd party hosts will work just fine.

Product Support:
FREE technical support within one year.

Cost: $29.95


For Classic ASP Version, click here



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