• ASP.NET UPS Shipping Label Generator

  • A .NET component for automatically submitting shipping information to UPS and generating your own UPS shipping labels.

    This component enables a .NET programmer / developer to:
    * Programmatically create UPS shipping transactions and UPS Shipping labels directly within your own custom desktop programs or website.
    * Optionally request "UPS Negotiated Rates" if your UPS account is qualified for such program.
    * Void shipping transactions on shipment level or package level.
    * Create outgoing shipping labels or return labels.
    * Create GIF, PNG image labels and corresponding HTML files to save into your server and print labels over an intranet or ecommerce internet application.
    * Create EPL, EPL2, SPL image labels that can be sent directly to a thermal printer like Eltron or Zebra label printers.
    * Create domestic and international shipping labels.
    * Create shipping labels for multiple packages simultaneously.
    * Create shipping label for packages with Insurance or Declared Value with a automatic generation of corresponding printable High Value Report.
    * Automatically create Return Labels for your ARS or RMA System. You can use this component to let your customers print their own return labels.
    * You can put this component right on your own server - giving you full control over the component. Unlike any other solutions, this is NOT dependent on any middle WebService between your own hosting server and UPS.
    * Yours forever to use. No renewal, or recurring subscription fees.

    Included in the package when you purchase this:
    1. DLL file - the main shipping tool
    2. Reference.PDF - Class master reference for all Data Types, Properties and Methods
    3. UserGuide.PDF - A step by step guide for using the component including getting the necessary UPS IDs and Licenses, specific steps on how to use the component for generating the requirements for certification.
    4. Two sets of sample web projects (complete code-behind C# and VB.NET examples) that demonstrate how to generate shipping labels(s).
    5. Two sets of sample projects (complete code-behind C# and VB.NET examples) that demonstrate how to void a shipment.
    6. The included sample programs already include debugging output that you can just copy and paste for submitting to UPS to get your certification.

    Click here to see a brief Sample Code
    Click here to view a Sample Documentation

  • UPS
  • ASP.NET Web Forms & ASP.NET Web Pages, ASP.NET WinForm, .NET versions 1.0 to Version 4.5, MVC

  • Just drop into your .net program as a class reference, fill-out the parameters; works seamlessly with your program's intellisence feature - all properties and preset options automatically pop-up - then call the Execute method and voila! Gives out a rich set of output properties like an array of structured record of shipping rates, and more. It even lets you get the raw XML text that you can further extend if you want! - this feature is very useful for advanced developers. More importantly, it lets even novice .NET users to utilize it very easily on their projects. So easy and simple to use! Place it in your /bin folder if you purchased the DLL version, or in your /App_Code if you purchase the source codes.

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  • Install in UNLIMITED number of servers or websites you own as long as they are your own domains. Original licensee may not re-sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to someone else.

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